Data Recovery in Kisumu

Data Recovery Services in Kisumu Kenya

Has your computer or device suddenly stopped working or won’t turn on? Have you accidentally lost important files? Hi Tech Data Group offers expert data recovery services in Kisumu, Kenya. Our team of engineers can help retrieve your lost documents, photos, videos, emails, and other important data.

Hi Tech Data Group offers expert data recovery services in Kisumu, Kenya. Our engineers use state-of-the-art techniques to recover lost data from hard drives, SSDs, RAID servers, mobile devices, and more. With decades of experience, high success rates, and strict security protocols – we can rescue your deleted, corrupted, or lost files

data recovery services in kisumu

How We Recover Your Data

At Hi Tech Data Group, we use state-of-the-art data recovery techniques and tools to rescue your missing data. We extract data from hard drives, SSDs, mobile devices, flash drives, and other local or cloud storage media that are physically damaged or erased by mistake. Our proprietary data recovery software is built to recover data that others may have told you is unrecoverable.

Our data recovery process follows strict data handling protocols to ensure every client’s data privacy and security. Every recovery job is assigned a new file system to prevent cross-contamination of data belonging to multiple clients. All our data recovery engineers are factory-certified professionals that undergo regular skills training. Hi Tech Data Group has a Class 100 Cleanroom facility for expert for data recovery services in Kenya.

Common Data Recovery Scenarios We Handle

Our data recovery lab handles a range of data loss scenarios:

  • Accidentally deleted files that were not backed-up
  • Virus attacks, malware, or ransomware encryption
  • Operating system failure or system crash
  • Physical damage to storage devices from drops, water exposure, fire, etc.
  • RAID server recovery services
  • Laptop and desktop hard drive data recovery
  • Mobile phone and tablet data recovery
  • USB flash drive, SSD and memory card data recovery
  • External hard drive and NAS device recovery

Why Choose Hi Tech Data Group?

  • Decades of data recovery experience
  • Class 100 cleanroom and specialized lab equipment
  • Non-invasive and minimally manipulative recovery techniques
  • Highest success rates in the industry, surpassing 95%
  • Fast recovery turnaround times

Data Recovery Services in Kisumu

We at Hi Tech Data Group can recover your lost data no matter how hopeless your case may seem. Our expert engineers have dealt with thousands of unique data loss cases. Contact us today for a expert assessment and data recovery quote!

Common Causes of Data Loss

Hard drive failures, malware attacks, accidental deletion, physical damage to devices, and system crashes are the most common causes of data loss that we deal with. We have the technology and skills to salvage data in all such scenarios.

Data Recovery Lab Set Up

Our data recovery lab is rated as a Class 100 cleanroom, which means the air is 100 times cleaner than any typical room. We use this ultra-clean set up to open damaged drives and recover data in a dust-free environment. Our technicians wear specialized clothing to prevent contamination inside the lab. We also use advanced proprietary tools for recovery that are designed in-house by our experienced engineers.

Security Protocols

We understand that for many clients, the lost data is extremely confidential. Our lab follows very strict security protocols for every recovery job we handle. Each storage device is assigned anonymized serial numbers and logical disk volumes to maintain privacy.

Contract Us Today

Hi Tech Data Group provides expert data recovery in Kisumu, – recovering lost data from hard drives, SSDs, RAID servers, mobile devices, and more using state-of-the-art techniques. High success rates. Strict security.

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