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Looking for data recovery Kenya? Hi Tech Data Group provides professional data recovery services in Kenya Nairobi to rescue your valuable data from failed or damaged storage devices. Our expertise spans all types of data loss situations, ensuring maximum chances of successful recovery.

At Hi Tech Data Group, we understand the critical importance of your data. Whether it’s personal memories, business documents, or essential files, the loss of data can be devastating. That’s why we’re here to offer expert data recovery in Kenya tailored to meet your specific needs.

Data Loss Happens

Data loss can occur due to various reasons, including physical damage, logical errors, malware attacks, or accidental deletion. Whatever the cause, our team is among the experienced data recovery companies in Kenya has the expertise and tools to retrieve your data safely and securely.

Data Recovery Kenya Nairobi

Data Recovery Nairobi Experts

With our extensive expertise, advanced tools, and secure facilities, Hi Tech Data Group offers comprehensive data recovery in Nairobi Kenya which includes;

Hard Drive Data Recovery

  • When it comes to hard disk data recovery in Nairobi, We specialize in recovering data from failed or damaged hard disk drives (HDDs), including desktop, laptop, and external hard drives.
  • Our clean room facilities and advanced tools allow us to handle even the most severe physical damage, such as head crashes, firmware issues, or mechanical failures.

Server Data Recovery

  • Server data recovery Nairobi for failed or corrupted servers, including physical servers, virtualized environments, and cloud-based instances.
  • Expertise in recovering data from various server operating systems, such as Windows Server, Linux, and Unix variants.
  • Advanced techniques for handling server-specific issues like RAID array failures, database corruption, and application-level data loss.
  • Capability to recover data from enterprise-grade storage solutions, including SANs, NAS devices, and direct-attached storage (DAS).
  • Support for recovering mission-critical data and applications, ensuring minimal downtime and business continuity.

NAS Data Recovery

  • Specialized services for recovering data from failed or damaged NAS devices used for network file storage and backup solutions.
  • Experience with various NAS brands and models, including Synology, QNAP, Buffalo, and WD My Cloud.
  • Advanced techniques for handling NAS-specific issues, such as RAID array failures, firmware corruption, and data corruption due to power outages or hardware malfunctions.
  • Capability to recover data from single-disk and multi-disk NAS configurations, as well as NAS devices with redundant storage pools.
  • Expertise in preserving data integrity and restoring file system structures during the recovery process.

RAID Data Recovery

  • RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) configurations offer data redundancy, but failures can still occur, leading to data loss.
  • Our Raid data recovery services in Kenya cover all levels of RAID arrays, including RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 6, and RAID 10, ensuring your critical data is recovered efficiently.

SSD Data Recovery

  • Solid-state drives (SSDs) are becoming increasingly popular due to their speed and reliability, but they are not immune to data loss.
  • Our SSD data recovery in Nairobi utilize specialized techniques to recover data from failed or corrupted SSDs, ensuring your valuable information is not lost.

Laptop Data Recovery

  • Laptop data recovery kenya for failed or damaged laptop hard drives, solid-state drives (SSDs), and hybrid drives.
  • Advanced techniques for handling laptop-specific issues, such as physical damage from drops or liquid spills, and logical errors caused by power failures or software issues.
  • Clean room facilities to safely work on laptop drives without causing further damage.
  • Support for recovering data from various laptop brands and models, including Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, and Asus.
  • Expertise in recovering data from encrypted drives and drives with specialized file systems or partitioning schemes.

Memory Card Data Recovery

  • SD card data recovery services for failed or corrupted memory cards (SD, CF, XQD, etc.).
  • Advanced techniques for handling physical damage, logical errors, and file system corruption on these small storage devices.
  • Clean room facilities and specialized tools to safely handle and recover data from delicate memory card components.
  • Support for recovering data from memory cards used in various applications, such as digital cameras, drones, smartphones, and embedded systems.
  • Expertise in handling encrypted and password-protected storage devices, ensuring data confidentiality during the recovery process.

Flash Drive Data Recovery

  • Recovering data from all major USB flash drive brands like SanDisk, Kingston, Transcend, Lexar, PNY, and more.
  • Handling various USB drive interfaces including USB 2.0, USB 3.0, and USB Type-C.
  • Expertise in recovering data from encrypted and password-protected USB drives.
  • Capability to recover data from corrupted or damaged USB drives, even after failed attempts by other recovery tools.

Mobile Phone Data Recovery

  • Hi Tech Data Group provides mobile phone data recovery services in Kenya for various types of mobile phones, including smartphones and tablets.
  • Our expertise covers major operating systems like iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android, and Windows Phone.
  • They can recover data from mobile phones affected by physical damage, liquid damage, software issues, or accidental deletion.
  • Advanced techniques are used to extract data from internal memory, removable memory cards, and even damaged or encrypted devices.

Ransomware Data Recovery

  • Ransomware attacks can encrypt and hold data hostage, leading to data loss if the ransom is not paid or the decryption process fails.
  • Hi Tech Data Group offers specialized ransomware data recovery in Kenya to retrieve data from devices affected by various ransomware strains.
  • Our experts use advanced tools and techniques to bypass encryption and recover data without paying the ransom or risking further data loss.
  • Professional ransomware removal services in Kenya. Our experts quickly remove ransomware infections, restore encrypted files, and secure your systems
  • We also provide guidance on mitigating ransomware attacks and implementing preventive measures.

Formatted Device Data Recovery

  • Accidental or intentional formatting of storage devices can lead to complete data loss, making the data seemingly irrecoverable.
  • Hi Tech Data Group’s formatted device data recovery service utilizes advanced data carving techniques to recover lost or deleted data from formatted devices.
  • They can recover data from formatted hard drives, solid-state drives (SSDs), memory cards, and other storage media.
  • Their experts have the expertise to handle various file systems and partition schemes, ensuring maximum data recovery.

Virtual Machine Data Recovery

  • Virtual environments offer flexibility and scalability, but data loss can still occur due to various reasons, such as accidental deletion, file corruption, or virtual disk failures.
  • Our virtual server data recovery services in Kenya cover popular platforms like VMware, Hyper-V, and VirtualBox, helping you recover your virtual machines and their data.

Database Data Recovery

  • Databases are the backbone of many businesses, and data loss can have severe consequences.
  • Our database recovery services in Kenya cover popular databases like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Exchange, SharePoint, QuickBooks, Tally and PostgreSQL, ensuring your critical data is recovered and your operations can resume without disruption.

Tips for Preventing Data Loss in the Future

To prevent data loss in the future, it is crucial to regularly back up your files. Whether you use an external hard drive, cloud storage, or a combination of both, having multiple copies of your data ensures that you can easily recover it if something goes wrong.

Implementing robust cybersecurity measures is another essential step in safeguarding your data. This includes using strong passwords, installing antivirus software, and keeping all systems updated to protect against cyber threats like malware and ransomware.

Educating employees about best practices for data security is key in preventing accidental deletions or unauthorized access. Conducting regular training sessions on how to spot phishing emails and avoid risky online behavior can help minimize the risk of data breaches.

Our Data Recovery Process in Kenya

Step 1: Bring or Send Device

  • Clients initiate the data recovery process by contacting Hi Tech Data Group through various channels (phone, email, website form).
  • Securely package and ship the failed device to Hi Tech Data Group’s facilities. or physically bring the failed device to our office.
  • Strict chain-of-custody protocols are followed during device transportation, ensuring data security and confidentiality.
  • Upon receiving the device, it is carefully logged and assigned a unique case ID for tracking purposes.

Step 2: In-Lab Evaluation & Diagnosis

  • In Hi Tech Data Group’s specialized diagnostic labs, certified engineers perform a thorough evaluation of the failed device.
  • Advanced tools and techniques are used to diagnose the root cause of the data loss, such as physical damage, logical errors, or firmware corruption.
  • The evaluation also determines the complexity of the recovery process and any potential risks involved.

Step 3: Data Recovery Attempt

  • Based on the evaluation results, the most appropriate data recovery approach is selected and executed by Hi Tech Data Group’s experienced recovery specialists.
  • For physically damaged devices, the recovery process takes place in certified Class 100 clean room facilities to prevent further damage.
  • Logical errors and file system corruption are addressed using specialized software tools and techniques.
  • Regular progress updates are provided to the client throughout the recovery process.

Step 4: Data Verification & Secure Storage

  • Once the data recovery process is complete, the recovered data undergoes thorough verification to ensure its integrity and completeness.
  • The verified data is securely stored on encrypted storage media or secure servers, awaiting client approval for data transfer.
  • Hi Tech Data Group maintains strict data handling protocols to ensure confidentiality and prevent unauthorized access.

Step 5: Data Transfer & Client Delivery

  • After receiving client approval, the recovered data is securely transferred to the client’s preferred storage media or cloud storage solution.
  • Encrypted data transfer methods are used to maintain data security during the delivery process.
  • The client receives the recovered data along with a detailed recovery report, documenting the process and any relevant findings.

Step 6: Data Destruction & Case Closure

  • Upon successful data delivery, Hi Tech Data Group follows strict data destruction protocols to securely erase any remaining client data from our systems.
  • The case is officially closed, and all documentation related to the recovery process is archived for future reference if needed

Throughout the entire data recovery process, Hi Tech Data Group maintains the highest standards of data security, confidentiality, and professionalism.

The Importance of Data Recovery in Kenya

Data recovery Nairobi services play a vital role in helping businesses recover lost files and restore operations quickly. By utilizing specialized techniques and software tools, our data recovery experts in Kenya can retrieve data from damaged or corrupted storage devices. This ensures that companies can resume their normal activities without suffering significant downtime or financial losses.

Moreover, data recovery services provide peace of mind to individuals who may have accidentally deleted important files or photos. With the help of professional technicians, they can often recover seemingly lost data that holds sentimental value.

Investing in reliable data recovery companies in Kenya such as Hi Tech Data Group is essential for safeguarding sensitive information and ensuring business continuity in Kenya..

Our Expertise & Why Choose Us

Our team of certified data recovery Kenya experts has extensive experience in handling all types of flash drive failures, including:

  • Physical Damage: Whether your Hard Drive has been dropped, crushed, or exposed to liquid, our advanced techniques and clean room facilities can safely recover data from physically damaged devices.
  • Logical Errors: Corruption, virus infections, or file system errors can render your data inaccessible. Our experts utilize specialized tools and methodologies to recover data from logically corrupted drives.
  • Accidental Deletion & Formatting: Mistakenly deleting important files or formatting your Drive can be a frustrating experience. Our data recovery processes can retrieve accidentally deleted data, ensuring minimal loss.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Data Recovery Service in Nairobi

When it comes to choosing a data recovery companies in Kenya, there are several factors to consider to ensure you make the right decision for your business or personal needs.

First and foremost, look for a service provider with a solid reputation and track record of successfully recovering data from various types of storage devices. Reading reviews and testimonials from previous clients can give you insight into their reliability and expertise.

It’s also essential to inquire about the technologies and methods they use for data recovery. A reputable service provider should have state-of-the-art equipment and employ industry best practices to maximize the chances of successful data retrieval.

Consider the security measures in place to protect your sensitive information during the recovery process. Data confidentiality is crucial, so ensure that the service provider has robust data protection protocols in place.

Common Causes of Data Loss in Kenya

Data loss can be a devastating experience for individuals and businesses in Kenya. One common cause of data loss is hardware malfunctions, such as hard drive failures or damage due to power surges. These issues can result in permanent data loss if not addressed promptly.
Another frequent culprit behind data loss is human error. Accidentally deleting important files or improperly formatting storage devices can lead to irreversible data loss. Additionally, malware and viruses pose a significant threat to digital information security, often resulting in corrupted files or inaccessible data.
Inadequate backup practices also contribute to data loss incidents in Kenya. Failure to regularly back up essential files leaves them vulnerable to being lost forever in the event of a system failure or cyberattack. It’s crucial for individuals and organizations alike to implement robust backup strategies to safeguard their valuable data from unforeseen disasters.

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Data recovery in Kenya play a crucial role in helping individuals and businesses retrieve valuable data that may have been lost due to various reasons. With the increasing reliance on digital information, the need for reliable data recovery services has never been more critical.

Whether you’re based in Nairobi or any other part of Kenya, Contact reliable data recovery services in Kenya can provide peace of mind knowing that your critical information is secure and recoverable when needed.


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Data Recovery Case Study & Proven Work

Case 1 – SAS Drives: Dell Server RAID Failure:
    Case 1 – SAS Drives: Dell Server RAID Failure:

    Type of Server: Dell PowerEdge R740 RAID Configuration: RAID 5 with 4 SAS Drives Issue: RAID configuration failure on a corporate server resulting in data inaccessibility. Approach: Thorough analysis of RAID array integrity, followed by meticulous raid reconstruction imaging and data extraction. Result: Successful restoration of critical business data with minimal downtime, ensuring business continuity.

    Case 2 – HP Raid Server Corruption:
      Case 2 – HP Raid Server Corruption:

      Type of Server: HP ProLiant RAID Configuration: RAID 0 with 5 drives Issue: Server corruption due to hardware malfunction, leading to data loss. Approach: Utilization of advanced recovery tools and techniques such successful reconstruction of custom file system to recover data from corrupted server drives. Result: Full recovery of lost data, including critical business documents and customer records, enabling seamless operations.

      Case 3 – Seagate Physical Head Swap:
        Case 3 – Seagate Physical Head Swap:

        Hard Drive Model: Seagate 4TB Cause of Damage: Physical head crash Issue: Physical head damage in HDD resulting in data inaccessibility. Approach: Looking for a matching donor; whereby a matching donor is found. Delicate head swap procedure to restore data accessibility while ensuring data integrity. Result: Successful recovery of data from the damaged HDD, preserving data integrity and preventing further data loss.

        Case 4: HDD Submerged in Water After Floods
          Case 4: HDD Submerged in Water After Floods

          Disk Type: Western Digital HDD Issue: Hard drive submerged in water after the recent flooding in Nairobi. Approach: We were able to repair the PCB, fix firmware issues, image the disk & extract data Results: All data was successfully recovered.

          Case 5 – WD MyCloud NAS Storage:
            Case 5 – WD MyCloud NAS Storage:

            NAS Model: WD MYCLOUD HOME DUOS Number of Drives: 2-drives RAID 1 configuration Issue: NAS RAID array failure leading to the loss of financial records and client databases. Approach: RAID array reconstruction and meticulous recovery of financial and client data. Result: Restoration of critical financial records and client databases, facilitating seamless business operations and client services.

            Case 6 – Western Digital Head Replacement: With Complex Firmware issues
              Case 6 – Western Digital Head Replacement: With Complex Firmware issues

              Hard disk Type: Western Digital 500GB HDD Hard Drive Model: Western Digital WD Issue: Head failure in HDD causing data loss and disk inaccessibility. Approach: Looking for a matching donor; whereby a matching donor is found Precision head replacement technique to restore HDD functionality and Meticulous Firmware repair procedure e.g rebuilding of module 190 Result: Complete recovery of data from the faulty HDD, safeguarding critical business information and preventing potential revenue loss.

              Evan Thuo
              Evan Thuo
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              paul ndungu
              Hi Tech Data Group were able to successfully recover my family photos from my flash drive. Best data recovery in Kenya.
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              MOhammed Sajid
              Professional Data Recovery service highly recommend….
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              enock yegon
              Excellent service. I had lost very important data on my laptop and couldn't believe when they recovered everything. They are also very timely and professional.
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              John Muniu (Dcyner)
              Their staff understand complex data loss issues and have a wide range of experience. If you're looking for data recovery services in Kenya visit their office.
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              Kanyi Muchiri
              I recently had a data loss incident where my laptop failed and couldn't access it. I searched for data recovery experts in Kenya and came across Hi Tech Data Group. I sent them the laptop and after two days they were able to recover my documents. I can highly recommend them for their professionalism and expert advise.

              Data Recovery Services in Kenya FAQs

              Hi Tech Data Group Provides professional data recovery services in Kenya. We have the experience and expertise to recover lost data from Hard Drives, Servers, SSDs, Laptops, Memory Cards, Flash Drives, Ransomware, NAS, Raid etc

              The cost of data recovery services in Kenya for Logical Data Recovery ranges between Ksh 15,000 – Ksh 50,000 and Physical Data Recovery ranges between Ksh 50,000 – Ksh 100,000+ (Complex cases such as RAID, Servers, SSDs can exceed this range)

              NB: We offer a flexible payment plan.

              Data recovery on logical damage can take about 1 to 4 days, while physical damage can take about 3 to 7 days depending with the extent of damage and type of storage media storage device. However, some cases can take longer depending with the availability of donors for physical head swaps. We also have an Emergency Data Recovery option

              Act fast! Stop using the affected device immediately to avoid overwriting the lost data. Then, contact Hi Tech Data Group! We’ll guide you through the steps and answer any further questions you have.

              Hi Tech Data Group is able to recover data from Servers, NAS & SAN Storages. We are able to handle all types of Raid Systems ie Raid 1, Raid 0, Raid 5, Raid 6, Raid 10, Raid 50 etc

              1. In house Data Recovery Lab to handle hard drive physical damage.
              2. Ability to handle Complex Raid Servers ie Raid 0, Raid 5, Raid 10 etc
              3. Experienced Data Recovery Engineers & Professional Team.
              4. Proven Track Record: Visit our Data Recovery Case Study
              5. Data Privacy & Confidentiality – Sign NDA
              6. Data Security: Recovered data is shredded after collection

              Visit our office at West Park Towers, 1st Floor, Muthithi Road, Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya.

              Call us on this Phone Number: +254791 814241 or Send us an email through our contact form.

              A clicking or tapping sound coming from a hard drive is usually an indication of a mechanical failure within the drive. This clicking noise is often caused by the read/write heads repeatedly trying to access a specific area of the disk platters but failing to do so. It could be due to a head crash, where the read/write heads have made physical contact with the platters, or a failure in the motor that spins the platters. In either case, the clicking sound is a clear sign that the hard drive is failing or has already failed, and data recovery should be attempted as soon as possible.

              If your hard drive is clicking, the first step is to stop using it immediately to minimize the risk of further damage and data loss. If the data on the drive is critical, it’s best to seek professional data recovery services from Hi Tech Data Group, as We have the expertise and equipment to safely attempt data recovery from a failing hard drive. Continuing to use a clicking hard drive can lead to permanent data loss, so prompt action is recommended.

              Not necessarily. While formatting does remove all the files and directories from the storage device, it does not immediately overwrite the actual data on the drive. There’s a good chance that your data can still be recovered, as long as you stop using the formatted drive immediately.

              The best way to recover accidentally formatted data is to use professional data recovery services. Avoid using softwares on your own to reduce chances of overwriting and increasing chances of successful data recovery.

              • Scratches on Hard Drive Platters:

              The platters inside a hard drive, which store data are extremely sensitive and susceptible to damage. Even minor scratches or contamination on the platter surfaces can lead to permanent data loss. When the read/write heads attempt to access data on a scratched or damaged area of a platter, they may be unable to read or write data accurately, resulting in data corruption or loss. It’s impossible to recover data if the platters have severe scratches or rings.

              • Data Overwriting:

              When data is overwritten, the original data is permanently lost and cannot be recovered. This is because the new data overwrites and replaces the previous data at the physical level, effectively erasing it from the storage medium. Once data has been overwritten, there is no way to retrieve the original data.

              Hi Tech Data Group provides Professional ransomware removal and ransomware data recovery services in Kenya. Our experts quickly remove ransomware infections, restore encrypted files, and secure your systems.