Data Recovery in Mombasa

Data Recovery Services in Mombasa Kenya

Has your computer or device suddenly stopped working? Have you accidentally deleted important files or formatted your hard drive? As the leading data recovery specialists in Mombasa, Hi Tech Data Group can help.

With over years of experience, our certified engineers have recovered data from all storage devices including laptops, computers, external hard drives, USB drives, SD cards, RAID arrays, and servers. Using state-of-the-art equipment and proprietary data recovery techniques, we can salvage your lost data quickly and securely.

Contact us today for an evaluation and we will diagnose the problem and provide an exact quote fast. With affordable transparent pricing and first-class customer service, you can count on us to securely salvage your critical data.

data recovery services in mombasa

Common Causes of Data Loss

  • Human error – Accidental deletion, improper drive formatting, corruption during OS upgrades are common human mistakes resulting in data loss. Our techniques can rescue data lost due to such errors.
  • Logical failures – Software issues like code corruption, partition loss, boot sector damage can lead to inaccessible drives. We have advanced tools to address these logical failures.
  • Spills and water damage – Liquid getting into hard drives is disastrous. With specialized clean room recovery, we can often salvage data from water-damaged devices.
  • Hardware issues – From broken read/write heads to scratched platters, we have parts and technical expertise to extract data from drives with physical damage.
  • Power surges/fluctuations – An unstable power supply can critically damage electronics. We reliably recover data from equipment damaged due to power problems.

Data Recovery Process

  • Initial Inspection – We diagnose the cause and extent of data loss upon initial examination of your storage device. This helps provide an exact quote.
  • Data Imaging – Using read-only forensic tools, we create a complete sector-level image of your drive to safely extract information without risking further data loss.
  • Analysis and Recovery – Leveraging proprietary file carving, database reconstruction and decryption tools, we scour the drive images to selectively recover your lost files and information.
  • Secure Return – Recovered data is transferred to new storage media which is encrypted for safety. Or damaged drives can be repaired/replaced if feasible.

Expert Data Recovery Services in Mombasa

  • RAID, NAS and Server Recovery – We specialize in RAID rebuilds, advanced NAS and database repair, multi-drive recovery for servers and other complex storage systems.
  • Mobile Device and Mac Recovery – We safely diagnose and recover lost data from all iOS and Android and Mac devices.
  • Emergency Response Service – For critical cases requiring immediate action, we provide 24×7 emergency pickup, diagnostics and data recovery services.

Contact our data recovery engineers in Mombasa today for an initial assessment and competitive quote!

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