Virtual Machine Data Recovery Services

Virtual Machine Data Recovery Kenya

Recover lost data from Virtual Machine environments such as VMware, Oracle VM VirtualBox, Microsoft’s Hyper-V with Hi Tech Data Group’s specialized Virtual Machine data recovery services in Kenya.

Hi Tech Data Group’s expert VMware data recovery services can get your business back up and running quickly. Our server data recovery experts in Kenya retrieve data from a wide range of scenarios, including deleted VMs, VMDK files, VMFS volumes, corrupted virtual disks (vmdk), and even RAID array failures

virtual machine data recovery kenya

Virtual Server Data Recovery

Whether you’re running VMware vSphere, ESXi, or Workstation, our virtual server data recovery service can retrieve lost or inaccessible data from your virtual environments, ensuring business continuity and minimizing downtime. These includes;

  1. VMware virtual machines
  2. Oracle VM VirtualBox
  3. Citrix Hypervisor
  4. Microsoft’s Hyper-V

VMware Data Recovery

Our VMware data recovery specialists in Kenya can recover data from VMware virtual disks (VMDK files) connected to virtual machines. We support data recovery from various file systems used by VMware, including VMFS, NTFS, and more.

VMDK Data Recovery

VMDK files contain the virtual hard disk data for VMware virtual machines. We can recover data from corrupted, deleted, or inaccessible VMDK files, ensuring you can get your critical data back and minimize downtime.

VMFS Data Recovery

The VMware File System (VMFS) is a cluster file system used by VMware ESXi hosts to store virtual machine data. Our VMFS data recovery service can recover data from VMFS volumes, even in cases of logical corruption, partition loss, or other VMFS-related issues.

Deleted VM Recovery

Accidentally deleted a virtual machine? Our experts can recover the entire VM, including its configuration files, virtual disks, and data, from your VMware environment.

Corrupted VMDK Files

Corruption in VMDK files can render your virtual machines inaccessible or cause data loss. Our advanced techniques can repair corrupted VMDK files and recover your data, even in severe corruption scenarios.


Trust Hi Tech Data Group for all your virtual machine data recovery needs. Our data recovery centre in Kenya and secure facilities ensure a safe and successful data recovery process. Contact us today to learn more about our virtual machine data recovery solutions.

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